Lychee Extract Oligonol

Polyphenols are natural plant colors that protect botanicals from the sun’s rays and from pathogens like fungi, bacteria and roundworms.  Polyphenols are a large class of phenolic organic compounds that can be grouped into tannins, lignins, phenolic acid and flavonoids. One of the most well-known groups is oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPCs.Often, but not always, these protective colorants are found in the skin, rind or bark of various botanicals.

Studies looking at polyphenolic compounds or extracts, that are either consumed as part of the diet or consumed via nutritional supplementation, have shown that a number of health benefits may be conferred to humans by these colorful natural chemicals, part of which comes from their antioxidant defenses.

Lychee powder is naturally a rich source of these natural antioxidants.

Supported by 30 human clinical trials, patented Oligonol®— manufactured from lychee fruit using a proprietary technology — is the world’s first low-molecular-weight polyphenolic extract derived from lychee fruit (85%) and green tea (15%) with excellent absorption and multiple potential anti-aging benefits.

Winner of the 2007 Best New Product Award at the 3rd International Conference on Polyphenols and Health (ICPH IFIA/HFE), NutrAward for Best New Ingredient in 2008 and the SupplySide West Scientific Excellence Award in 2011, Oligonol has been shown to potentially:

  • Support metabolic health(1, 2)
  • Supportcardiovascular health (1,2)
  • Support fat loss*(3)
  • Lessen the appearance of skin wrinkles and brown spots*(4,5)
  • Help decrease the feeling of fatigue and improve endurance*(6,7)

Turbo-charge your sports performance products with Oligonol today!.


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